All-American Hose is the world's premier manufacturer of large diameter, polyurethane lay flat hose for water transfer applications in the oil and gas industry. Our product, HydroXtreme, sets the standard in the oil fields.

  • Highly-durable polyurethane large diameter hose
  • Leaves no trace…eco-friendly, quickly deployed and removed
  • The best pressure tested and puncture resistant hose in the world
  • Serving fracking efforts in shale deposits world-wide

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HydroXtreme comes from an outstanding pedigree. We trace our roots back to producing high quality lay flat hose for firehouses and USA military (combat zones for both Iraq and Afghanistan) for the last 70 years. We do one thing and we did it well which is produce vey durable, high pressure, puncture resistant hose. We take great pride in our manufacturing process and have consistent quality and assurance testing throughout the process.

Originally Snap-tite Hose, All-American-Hose LLC purchased the business in 2010. Since the acquisition, All-American has expanded its product offerings by the recent launch of HydroXtreme to the oil and gas market. The new 8, 10 and 12 inch diameter hose is made with high-grade polyurethane and quality yarn. The hose can easily be deployed in the oil and gas fields using various deployment methods. The hose leaves no trace behind. Deploy it and then reel it back up and move on to the next site.

Based in Erie Pennsylvania, we have a dedicated work force that is poised for growth. Come visit our facilities, meet our people and test our hose. We guarantee you that it will be the best hose in the world for all of your oil and gas needs.


About the HydroXtreme™

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Encapsulated one-piece construction of cover, reinforcement, and liner with no adhesives guaranteed against linear delamination.

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An innovative lay-flat polyurethane hose that is lightweight, weather, abrasion and crack resistant.

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